Discount 10% during your stay in Strbske Pleso

If you are a guest staying in one of the partner hotels / guesthouses, you will receive a 10% discount from us, for any package you will choose.

When you arrive at our ski school, you will need to show your accommodation card.

Partners in Štrbské Pleso:

  • Hotel Trigan Banik
  • Hotel Crocus
  • Hotel Borovica
  • Pension Pleso
  • Hotel Solisko
  • Pension Furkotka

Partners in Tatranská Tatra Tatranská Štrba:

  • Hotel Rysy

Note: The client can only claim one discount from the offered TATRASki School Strbske Pleso.

Štrbské Pleso


K vodopádom 4056/69

059 85 Štrbské Pleso

GPS 49.1288593 20.0592169

Prices from

Children 25 Eur/lesson

Adults 30 Eur/lesson

Opening Hours

Daily 8:30 - 16:00


+421 908 318 080 (School)

+421 903 610 802 (Rent)

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